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Red Rooster are specialists in the repair of powered hoists, winches, safety harnesses and load measuring equipment. Our detailed knowledge and experience of this type of equipment means we can offer our customers a quality repair and a fast turnaround, from examination to quote and return fully certified after repair. Our highly trained engineers can repair and test all makes of hoists, load cells, winches and safety harnesses. We have a large amount spare parts in stock to suit all models of Red Rooster air hoists.


  • On receipt, the equipment is booked into the system and the job number attached.
  • The equipment is then examined and dismantled for a full report and quotation to be prepared.
  • Once authorised, your repair will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • We make every effort to make the equipment look like new.
  • After repair the equipment will be function and load tested to confirm it operates as per specification.
  • Red Rooster warrants the equipment against defect in our work for a period of 6 months.
  • (Misuse and lack of maintenance are specifically excluded.) 


Every product we supply is subject to the most rigorous examination and testing prior to release. In our works we can carry out dynamic testing on hoists up to 65 tonne, hoists and trolleys can lift and travel up to 30 tonne on our outside gantry and winches can be tested up to 20 tonne. Our calibration and test rigs include a tensile and compressive calibration machines up to 100 tonne and a 400 tonne tensile test and calibration rig.

We also have a range of test weights and cradles for use in our test rigs or on site.

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