Red Rooster Lifting air hoists, trolleys, crane kits, wire rope hoists, controls, festoon systems and manual hoist are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres. They conform with both the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU and in the UK - Products intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres 2016 (SI 2016 No 1107). Our equipment can either be UKCA or CE marked with the relevant Ex rating confirming the hazardous areas where equipment can be used. 

Where hoists are required to work in a potentially explosive atmosphere BS EN 1127-1:2019 specifies the method for the identification of hazardous situations that may lead to an explosion. It also details the design and construction control measures to achieve the required rating. The ignition hazard assessment for our equipment is in accordance with the requirement of BS EN 80079-36:2016 and constructional safety requirement according to BS EN 80079-37:2016 which control’s the potential sources of ignition from the hoist.

Red Rooster Lifting supply industrial lifting equipment ranging from a SWL of 250 KG to 100 Tonne and can be certified for Equipment Group II, classification Category 2 & 3, namely Zones 1 & 2 in areas where flammable ‘Gases’ may be present such as solvent vapours, gases from fuels, gases from deposits, heating gases, cleaning fluids, solvents and fuels from broken pipes or fittings. For atmospheres with ‘Combustible Dust’ our equipment can be certified for use in Zones 21 & 22.

The TCR-250, TCR-500/2 and the TCS hoist models are certified for Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 22 (Dust).
  • Ex Group II 3G Ex h IIA T4 Gc
  • Ex Group II 3D Ex h IIIA T135°C Dc.

As standard all other Red Rooster hoist models are certified for Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 22 (Dust). This excludes the TMM-140 and the TCR-250ME
  • Ex Group II 3G Ex h IIB T4 Gc
  • Ex Group II 3D Ex h IIIB T135°C Dc

Red Rooster Ex hoists can be certified for Zone 1 or 2 areas where either gas or dust may be present. This excludes the TMM-140 and the TCR-250ME.
  • Ex Group II 2G Ex h IIB  T4 Gb
  • Ex Group II 2D Ex h IIIB T135° Db

Also available certified for higher gas and dust groups IIC and IIIC.

Ambient temperature range for air hoist and trolleys is -20°C to +60°C.

Red Rooster equipment will be marked with the company details, serial number, model number, date, the Ex symbol, equipment group, category, gas group, and temperature.

All Red Rooster equipment is rated to Temperature class (T4) 135°C but some can be rated to T5 or T6 depending on the area and gas / dust types and conditions by a special risk assessment. The gas group rating will be specified on the label and certification (IIA, IIB or IIC) for gas, or IIIA, IIIB or IIIC for dust, so hoists should only be used in the areas their rating covers.

The TMH, TCR and TNC range of hoists are all manufactured from a Ductile Iron housing, are heavy duty hoists and highly robust so suited to working in a tough environment with rough handling and changing conditions. As Standard these hoists are certified as suitable for use in a Zone 2 area. Sources of ignition do not become active during normal operation even in severe operating conditions.

Several models of Red Rooster hoists can also be classified to BS EN 1127-2:2014 for equipment being used in mining. These hoists can be used according to Equipment Group I Category M 2 where equipment is intended to be de-energised in the event of an explosive atmosphere. The low operating temperatures along with the internal operating pressure of 4 - 6 Bar means that these hoists have a high level of protection and can also be disconnected or made safe, in the event of an explosive atmosphere. Ex designation - Ex Group I M2 Ex h I Mb.

The areas where dust deposits can build up are limited on air hoists body due to the shape of the air motor and gearbox. The TMH models have a very low running temperature so even with a build up over the motor the surface temperature does not reach close to 150°C. Other models such as TCR and TNC hoists do not reach the maximum permissible temperature of 150 ° C for coal dust.

When specifying equipment for use in an explosive atmosphere the end user should give a full specification confirming the – Equipment group, Category, Explosive Atmosphere, and Temperature class. If this is not supplied the working area conditions, details of the gas, how often gas is present, details of the dust and ambient temperature should be supplied. This allows the Explosive Protection Level (EPL) to be confirmed when the ignition sources are identified. Where we do not have all the required information we will specify the Ex rating of the equipment offered.
GAS - Ga, Gb + Gc 
DUST - Da, Db + Dc

The ATEX technical file covering the range of equipment we manufacture and sell is filed with Lloyds Register – Lodgement number: 2814/ATEX/CFO/PRJ1110010199/1.

The UK Ex technical file is held by Lloyds Register EMEA Lodgement number: PRJ11100334340

Red Rooster Lifting hoists are heavy duty machines used around the world and are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres. They are extensively used in the shipbuilding, mining, offshore, onshore, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and other potentially hazardous areas.

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