Red Rooster Lifting signed up to the Young Person’s Guarantee in partnership with Developing the Young Workforce

The Young Person’s Guarantee is a joint commitment to provide opportunities for all 16–24-year-olds in Scotland through jobs, apprenticeships, further and higher education, training programmes and volunteering.

It was important for Red Rooster Lifting to join the Young Person’s Guarantee because we pride ourselves in providing the necessary knowledge and skillset to further develop our young workforce. Helping young people to gain work-based experience and qualifications to pursue a career in the lifting equipment industry.

With the support of DYW Northeast we will continue to work closely with local schools at careers fairs to provide information on the lifting equipment industry and the career opportunities available. Red Rooster Lifting have also worked with NESCOL, Tullos Training and Dudley College in a strategic partnership for many years. The aim of this is to further our apprenticeship programme, allowing us to support young people in education with their understanding and readiness for work. Red Rooster Lifting are committed to providing employment within the industrial manufacturing industry in the Northeast of Scotland.

Managing Director, Bill Aitken said: “We are delighted to announce our commitment to the Young Person’s Guarantee. As an organisation, we pride ourselves on investing time and knowledge in our young people, so they get the best out of their experience, and, feel enthusiastic in pursuing a career in the lifting equipment industry. The Young Person’s Guarantee will make it easier for us to connect with young people.”

By the end of the 2023, Red Rooster Lifting will be providing training opportunities for 4 new apprentices within the various departments of the company. These will include Business Administration, Logistics Operations, Mechanical Engineering, and a new apprenticeship which will develop multiple skillsets in order to pursue a career with the company as a load cell technician. These modern apprenticeships provided by Red Rooster Lifting, allow young people to learn on the job and get the experience needed to develop a career, whilst also gaining a recognised qualification.

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