Red Rooster Lifting specialise in the supply, rental and servicing of the best powered lifting and load measuring solutions in the world. The aim for this specific project was to give our customer a way to monitor the tension on various winch wires underwater, over a period of months.

Due to previous success with a similar project, we knew that our knowledgeable team were up to the task of finding a solution for our customer. We supplied 5 x TEO Crane Scales with a depth capability of 1500 metres that were also fitted with an analogue subsea clock-face for easy viewing using an ROV.

The solution provided, enabled the customer to remove the need to run cables to the surface if they were to use a cabled system and due to their application being subsea, remote controlled load measuring equipment was not an option.

The 5 x TEO’s were to be initially used to apply the load on the subsea winches. They were then left in place under tension with the load being monitored periodically, using ROV’s to check for slippage from the winches.

The TEO subsea crane scales are a very robust design made to suit the harshness of underwater life. With all stainless steel 316 parts made from UNS32670 Super Duplex to give corrosion resistance and a temperature range of -20°C to +50°C it’s easy to see why this equipment was the clear choice for the job. The equipment is also supplied with a 12-month warranty, as well as a certificate of conformity and calibration certificate.

The Red Rooster Lifting load measuring products include ATEX and standard load cells, compression load cells, load shackles, crane scales and running line monitors. Take a look at more information on the Red Rooster Lifting load measuring products here.

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