Red Rooster specialise in the supply rental and servicing of the best powered lifting and load measuring solutions in the world. A few months back, Red Rooster Lifting supplied BenchMark Wireline Products with an EMCÉ Winches FD300 electric planetary crane winch which was incorporated into a new shallow application slickline system. Ceritified for use in hazardous areas classified as II 2G IIB T4, with a heavy duty paint specification, and an IP65 pendant remote control with 15 metre cable length this unit was built to work in the toughest conditions.

BenchMark Wireline Products' customer WELLVENE - Engineered Well Solutions sought to address the inefficiencies presented by the more traditional slickline rig ups and shallow application operating methods that have been standard practice in the well intervention industry with the introduction of the WellHOP™. This innovative system eliminates the need for a mast and separate wireline winch while simplifying the overall pressure control equipment rig up to allow for repairs in a more operationally efficient manner.

Nominated for the Emerging Technology award at the SPE Aberdeen Offshore Achievement Awards, the WellHOP™ has been shortlisted as a finalist for addressing a need within the industry and presenting a novel solution with a clear business case for bringing the technology to market.


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