Red Rooster Lifting have been supplying global industry with high quality lifting solutions for over 30 years, so when a very valued customer got in touch in need of a bespoke lifting device, we knew the team was up to the task. The customer was looking for a lifting solution to aid in the cleaning, masking, and detailed inspection of a gas turbine component. Our design team set to work on creating a solution whilst keeping an open dialogue with the customer, ensuring we complied with the detailed requirements requested by the customer.  

One of our skilled design engineers created a lifting and turning device that allows the turbine parts to be cleaned and inspected safely. The ease of movement allows the work to be completed more efficiently and does not need overhead lifting equipment to handle the component. 

The finished equipment allows multiple axis rotation to enable cleaning, masking, and inspection.  The top component, incorporating a 4-point lifting system, is removable from the main assembly to be used as a separate lifting device. The main frame with fitted castors allows for easy transportation throughout the workshop.  

From the initial site visit this bespoke project went from quote, through the entire design process incorporating innovative CAM programmed machining, fabrication and painting in-house. This enabled the precise machining of bespoke parts, assembly, function testing of the equipment and delivery on time to our delighted customer.  

Red Rooster Lifting, your No.1 choice for safety, service, quality, and integrity 

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