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Red Rooster Lifting has a large range of TEO crane scale equipment available. Our TEO crane scale products are a versatile tool for all kinds of lifting purposes. They range in capacity from 200 kg to 85 tonne and are robust with very little maintenance required. The large dial allows for quick, accurate and easy reading for you load measuring application.

The TEO crane scale uses proven technology (hydro-static, bourdon tube) and incorporates it in to a simple, functional and reliable weighing device.
Current health and safety legislation requires companies to have knowledge of the loads being handled regardless of the industry. In the TEO crane scale we have an inexpensive load-measuring device which can be hung up, used and then stored until the next time it is required, secure in the knowledge that it will continue to perform reliably.

  • Accuracy better than display resolution (1% of rated load, nominal)
  • 100% taring capability (by rotating the dial device)
  • Zero set by rotating the dial face
  • Plexi glass dial face cover
  • 160 mm scale diameter
  • Graduated in kilograms and tonnes
  • Fixed link top suspension up to 5000 kg
  • Hook with latch bottom suspension up to 5000 kg

  • Display graduated in pounds (lbs) or tonnes
  • Display remote from the load cell (hydro-static tube connection)

This product (specification may vary) is available for hire.

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